ZkMesh Newsletter: April 2020 Edition

Welcome to zkMesh - a monthly newsletter focused on sharing resources about decentralised privacy-preserving technologies, privacy protocol development and zero knowledge systems research.

It includes the latest research, useful articles, videos, podcasts, tweets, tools, project updates and events. 

** This month, we are also including a special section on contact tracing technologies as this is something that many of the members of the community are currently working on. Our list of resources is far from exhaustive, so please feel free to reach out with anything you would like us to add this month, or in preparation for next month’s newsletter. ** 

zkMesh is put together by Mikerah (HashCloak) and Anna (Zero Knowledge Podcast).

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Special Section: Contact Tracing

A short selection of links and resources related to Contact Tracing research & resources. Please feel free to send us links to groups and resources that we have missed. 




Blockchain Privacy in a TweetShell

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